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If you want to stay on top of the biggest Instagram Marketing Trends in 2020, you have come to the right place. Here comes Ifuzers top 3 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2020:

INSTAGRAM MARKETING TRENDS #1: The Rise of Instagram Shopping

You may have noticed how Instagram has emerged as one of the biggest platforms for online selling. Not only the big Brands are using Instagram as a Business Tool – there is an entire community of online sellers that broadcast their products and sell exclusively on Instagram.

It all started out in 2017 when the “shoppable posts” came. Now, it has evolved. If you are working with your own brand (or you are an influencer who wants your followers to use your discount code when shopping), there is an actual feature on “Stories” that allows you to add a link on your Story Page. In other words, you can literally add direct product purchase links to a Story to get sales through Instagram. The days of “CLICK ON LINK IN BIO” is finally over, say hello to “SWIPE UP FOR PURCHASE”. I know, it´s a dream come true.




Say hello to Instagram Live! It was first introduced to us Grammers in 2016, and it has now become one of the most used tools on the platform. Streaming videos in real-time has become super popular, both for Influencers and bigger Brands. Even TV Shows and Magazines are using it to broadcast their content and to get more engagement from their followers.

Why is Instagram Live something you should use? Well, for one, it lets you interact with your audience in real-time and allows your followers to engage with you while broadcasting. They can comment and ask you questions while you´re recording Live – and you can answer them immediately.

It´s so many different ways to use Instagram Live to your advantage. You can host Q&A Sessions with your audience, throw interviews with an industry expert or an Influencer, launch a product Live and create a buzz before you make it available and further on. There are no limits!


Oh yes, of course, we saved the best for last. Video is the future, and according to statistics from Wordstram, a third of online activity is spent watching videos. Instagram has been paying attention to what our generation is craving – and they didn´t just settle with videos on regular posts and Stories. No, they gave us a shiny new toy: IGTV.

This shiny new toy doesn´t even have to be that hard to work with. Instagram really wants us to use it, so they have made ut super ease for everyone to get started. Mobile video creation is rough and ready and allows us Grammers to capture content like never before.

Just think about it. If you had the opportunity to go back in time and start up a Youtube Channel in 2005, wouldn´t you? Finally, we have something brand new on a channel we all know very well: INSTAGRAM! You can make your dream come true and finally become a vlogger! We have fallen in love with it, and so will you.

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